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This contract is a binding agreement between the “Producer,” and the Junior World Finals Team Roping Division. The “Producer” agrees to this contract in its entirety, and acknowledges that any deviation from this contract that is not expressly discussed with and agreed upon by Junior World Team Roping could result the revocation of the future rights of the “Producer” to hold any further qualifying events for the Junior World Finals Team Roping Division.
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Qualifier Event Format

The Producer agrees to use the following format at each Qualifier event: 4 for $150, Enter 3X on Each End. Progressive after 1. The #9.5 is capped at a #5.5 Heeler.

Rules and Guidelines

The Producer agrees to verify all memberships by checking the Member Eligibility page on the website and/or by asking for a digital Member ID card from the contestant, or a receipt proving membership purchase. Memberships can be purchased online, and must be purchased before the contestant can enter the roping. It is the Producer’s responsibility to make sure that a contestant is a member before they rope. The Producer also agrees to utilize the assigned online payout format for calculating payout, and will make sure the online version of the payout sheet is filled out at the end of the roping. The digital payout sheet link will be sent to the Producer as soon as the contract is agreed upon and submitted.

Event Changes and Cancellations

The Producer shall notify Junior World Team Roping of any changes or cancellations within 72 hours of the event, unless extenuating circumstances arise.

Association Fees

The Producer agrees to pay Junior World Team Roping $15 per paid team at their qualifying event. The Association Fees will be used for year end awards. Association Fees must be mailed within 48 hours of the event (or the first business day after the event) to Junior World Team Roping at 12253 Avenue 472, Orange Cove, California, 93646.
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