A current Junior World Team Roping Membership is REQUIRED to compete at any Qualifier event. 2022 Memberships expire on October 31, 2022. 2023 Memberships are current from November 1, 2022 until September 30, 2023

Memberships can ONLY be purchased online, and you must have a current membership before entering a roping for your results and earnings to count toward the year-end standings.

OPEN Division

The Open Division is open to all ropers 17 & Under as of January 1, 2023.

#9.5 Division

The #9.5 Division is open to all ropers 17 & Under as of January 1, 2023, and who are also a #5.5 Heeler or below in the USTRC/WSTR Classification system.


$15 PER TEAM IS REQUIRED TO BE HELD OUT FOR YEAR END AWARDS, PAYABLE TO JUNIOR WORLD TEAM ROPING. Producer fees must be mailed to Junior World Team Roping at 12253 Ave 472, Orange Cove, CA 93646, within 3 days of the qualifier event.


80% Payback AFTER the $15 per team fee is taken out of the pot, unless otherwise discussed with Junior World Team Roping. If you would like to use one of our Payout Sheets, please contact us at least 72 hours before your roping and we will send you a payout sheet and format to use.

In 2023, we will be using a new Qualifier format. We will produce 25 total ropings throughout the 2023 season, beginning November 1, 2022 and ending September 30, 2023. The Average Winners of each Division will qualify for the Junior World Finals in Las Vegas. The last 5 positions in each Division will be awarded to the top money earners who did not win a Qualifier event. There will be a total of 30 Headers and 30 Heelers in each Division competing in the Finals. 


All ropings must be the same format. The format for all qualifiers is 4 FOR $150 PER ROPER, PICK OR DRAW, ENTER UP TO 3X ON EACH END. All ropings are progressive after the first round. Ropers may pick or draw their partners. They may not enter with the same partner more than once, unless they are switching ends.


Proof of roper classification is not required. If a Producer asks for verification, contestant may show proof of classification from ANY association in order to enter. If a roper is not classified correctly, the Producer and/or Junior World Team Roping reserves the right to adjust any ropers number at any time.


Please show a picture of your membership card, membership receipt, or ask the secretary to verify your membership on the Member Eligibility page prior to entering the roping.


All money won will count toward World Standings and Earnings Based Qualifying positions, including Round and Average winnings UNLESS THE CONTESTANT DID NOT PAY FOR THEIR EXTRA RUN. If the Contestant does not pay for a star run (extra run), they will be awarded half of the winnings, however the earnings will not count toward the World Standings.

The 2022 Finals Entry Fees are $500 Per Run. Finals entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless you have a signed and verifiable note from a medical doctor explaining a valid reason why you cannot compete.

Contestants do NOT have to rope with the partner they qualified with at the finals. They may choose from any of the other qualified contestants. If you need contact information for another contestant to arrange a partnership for the Finals, please contact us directly.


All 30 Contestants will rope one steer each round, for a total of 5 head. Every contestant will rope a steer in the 5th round, and all 5 rounds will pay the same. The World Champions will be announced after the final and 5th round of each Division.


There will be a rope barrier at the Finals with a 10-Second Penalty.


Each day of the Finals, we will have current NFR Qualifiers flagging the roping, which means you will have a different flagger each day. The flagger determines crossfires, illegal head-catches etc. These flaggers are taking time out of a very busy and hectic schedule to donate their time to flag for our contestants, and nobody is more qualified than the ropers flagging the finals! Please be respectful of their calls, and remember that they are donating their time to us as a courtesy.


A leg is a 5-Second Penalty, and breaking the rope barrier will be a 10-Second Penalty. All calls are final. There is a crossfire rule, if the crossfire is blatant and unmistakable. The steer must be in tow and under control of the header. 

There will be a strict code of contact at the Finals. All ropers must arrive in a timely manner, warmed up, booted, saddled and ready to rope. They must not enter the alley way until called upon. After your run, please immediately exit the building and have your driver ready to pick you up. Dress code is western long sleeve shirt, cowboy hat and jeans. No exceptions. Also, please remember that this event is televised live to tens of thousands of viewers on the Cowboy Channel, as well as the viewers in the stands. Foul language, animal abuse or any unsavory behavior in any way will absolutely not be tolerated from contestants OR parents!  

The World Champions will be the Header and Heeler of each Division with the most accumulated earnings throughout the season including winnings that are awarded during the Finals. The World Champions will each receive World Champion Saddles and Buckles. Reserve World Champions in each Division will receive the Reserve World Champion Buckles.

If a contestant (generally a #9.5 contestant) has a number change that prevents them from entering the finals with the partner of their choice, we will handle each scenario accordingly. They will NOT be eliminated from competing at the finals.