Please check the following eligibility list before competing. If you are ineligible, you may not enter without purchasing a membership. If you are ineligible and you have won money at a qualifier, your money will not count until you purchased your membership.


Babb, Kutter
Brittain, Cooper
Browder, Delaney
Browder, Katelyn
Brown, Gregory
Cardoza, Gavin
Clement, Caden
Cox, Belden
Darst, Logan
Davison, Dos
Day Chief, Jake
Day Chief, Jayton Ky
Donlon, Tucker
Fleming, Dylan
Fontes, Jamie
Grant, Haliegh
Green, Eli
Hargrove, Trigger
Helton, Chase
Jones, Parker
Jones, Tyler
Loya, Max
Mann, James
McMurry, Cade
Parks, Jack
Perez, Keegan
Prior, Paden
Redfeairn, Owen
Rivera, Randon
Rivera, Ross
Rose, Wyatt
Ruvalcava, Francisco
Schmidt, Tristan
Shelton, Jake
Sherbo, Dean
Simmons, Keiton
Smith, Travis
Stamper, Luke
Suther, Colton
Van Nest, Kelli
VanStavern, Blake
White, Colton
White, Trey
Oconnor, Brandt
Torres, Kaitlyn
Powledge, Rendon
Dunning, Denton
Wilson, Cole
Kinser, Addison
Anderson, Cooper
Pennington, Spring
Beshirs, Kyler
Akita, Keoni
Mayberry, Nolan
Perez, Austin
White, Colton
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