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Contestants must be 17 & Under as of January 1, 2022
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Please enter your WSTR or USCTR Classification. If you do not have one, please select "I do not have one." Please note that if you do not have a WSTR or USTRC Classification, your entry into any #9.5 roping will be subject to the number assigned to the Arena Producer of the Qualifier you are attending.
Please enter your WSTR or USCTR Classification. If you do not have one, please select "I do not have one." Please note that if you do not have a WSTR or USTRC Classification, your entry into any #9.5 roping will be subject to the number assigned to the Arena Producer of the Qualifier you are attending.
Classification Verification Agreement*
All of the above Classification numbers are true and correct at the time this form was signed. I agree to report any and all changes to Junior World Team Roping. In addition, if I do not have a current Classification assigned by the WSTR, I agree, and acknowledge that the Producer of any Junior World Team Roping Qualifier that I may attend, has the right to assign, change or otherwise determine my Classification and ability to participate in the #9.5 Division.
Minor Release, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement*
We, the undersigned member and other signatories, hereby request that the above-named contestant (member) be granted permission (1) to participate as a contestant in team roping events, (2) to compete for money, prizes, recognition or reward, (3) to be covered by participants' hospitalization insurance. We, the member, and the undersigned parents or legal guardian of the member, on behalf of the member, and for ourselves, our personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, spouses and assigns, do hereby: 1. RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE the Junior World Finals, Junior World Team Roping, Spencer & Whitney Mitchell, or stock contractors, sponsors, arena operators or owners, and each of them, their officers, agents and employees (all hereinafter collectively referred to as "releasees") from any and all claims and liability arising out of strict liability or ordinary negligence of releasees or any other participant which causes the member or any of the other undersigned injury, death, damages or property damage. We, the undersigned, jointly, severally, and in common, covenant to hold releasees harmless and to indemnify releasees from any claim, judgement or expenses releasees may incur arising out of any of the member’s activities or presence in the restricted area. 2. UNDERSTAND that member’s entry into competition area or arena and/or participation in team roping events contains DANGER AND RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH TO MEMBER, that conditions of the team roping arena change from time to time and may become more hazardous, that livestock animals are dangerous and unpredictable, and that there is INHERENT DANGER in team roping which we each appreciate and voluntarily assume because we choose to do so. Each of the undersigned has observed events of the type that the member seeks to participate in. We further understand that the arena surface, access ways or lack thereof, lighting or lack thereof, and weather conditions all change and pose a danger to the member. We further understand that other contestants and participants pose a danger to the member, but nevertheless, WE EACH VOLUNTARILY ELECT TO ACCEPT ALL RISKS connected with the member's entry into the restricted area and/or participation in any team roping events. 3. AGREE that this agreement shall apply to any incident, injury, accident or death occurring on or after the date of the member’s signing, including without limitation, at any Junior World Finals Team Roping Qualifier Event OR Finals, and FOR A PERIOD OF TIME covering any statutory period in which a cause of action may accrue for minors or adults. All subsequent agreements and release documents signed by any of the undersigned shall amplify, but shall in no way limit the provisions of this document. The provisions of this document may be cancelled by any one of the undersigned by delivering to the above team roping association written cancellation of this agreement which shall be effective 24 hours after the date said cancellation is actually received by the team roping association. 4. The member and the undersigned parents or guardians of the member, jointly and severally, AGREE TO INDEMNIFY the releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or costs (including, reasonable attorneys’ fees) they may incur due to the presence or participation of the member in the described activities whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise. If the member is a minor, the parents or guardian of the member agree that by signing hereunder they are in addition to binding themselves to this agreement, binding the member to the maximum extent permitted by law. Nothing herein shall be construed to be a waiver of the limitations on damages or any of the immunities or defenses provided to, or enjoyed by, the releasees under federal or state constitutional, statutory or common law. WE HAVE READ THIS DOCUMENT, WE UNDERSTAND IT IS A RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS. WE APPRECIATE AND ASSUME ALL RISKS INHERENT IN TEAM ROPING.
Parent or Guardian Name*
By filling your name, you certify that you are the Contestant's legal Parent or Guardian, and accept full and all legal responsibility for the Contestant at any and all Qualifier events or Junior World Team Roping functions. You also agree that by typing your name below, it qualifies as an electronic signature and will be upheld as such.
Contestant Finals Jackets are normally Men's sizing, and run true to size.
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