Whew! We got through our first two rounds of the 2021 Junior World Finals! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, and to all of the parents who made sure that their kids and other Contestants were punctual, ready to rope, and to those that helped us get through both rounds quickly and efficiently.

That being said, I do have a few points to go over regarding Rounds 1 & 2, and the Finals moving forward.

First, punctuality is CRUCIAL. We literally are only permitted 1 HOUR in the arena each day to run TWO full rounds. That means we have to run 60 full teams in 1 hour. Please be sure you arrive ALREADY SADDLED (this is an absolute non-negotiable request). There is NO ROOM to saddle horses on the dock to or to park trailers to saddle horses. The dock is strictly for loading and unloading ONLY. We had a rig pull in today with 4 horses that were not saddled, and that absolutely will not be tolerated the rest of the Finals. If you cannot have your horses saddled in the trailer, you need to put them in another trailer or figure something else out. (Sorry, Convention Center rules, not ours!).

When the Contestants are dropped off, they need to stand outside on their horses until they are called and placed in line. We will line contestants up inside so that they are ready to ride up the alley when it is their turn. Once a Contestant ropes, they need to go BACK outside until called again, so that we can keep the kids moving into the alley. We need to leave room inside for kids who need to swing their ropes, adjust saddles, etc. There is just not enough room to have everyone inside watching.

STAY ON YOUR HORSES AT ALL TIMES. Once the roping starts, you need to be ready to rope, and on your horse AT ALL TIMES. Absolutely no exceptions. We cannot be looking for kids and holding up the roping because kids are walking around visiting with friends or watching the roping. The only horses that should be tied inside are horses that belong to a contestant that is roping both ends and they need to switch horses during the roping.

Headers, you all know the start by now. There will be absolutely no kids on foot in the arena, or standing by the boxes unless they are switching horses. Again, we cannot be looking for you or waiting on you to come back down the arena to get on your horse.

After you rope your 2nd steer of the day, you need to have your driver come and pick you up. Calf ropers compete right after us and need room to get onto the dock to unload. So after your last steer of the day, PLEASE have your driver headed to the dock to pick you up.

For Rounds 3 & 4, we will be having a group meeting before we start roping to go over some guidelines inside the arena.

See you all tomorrow!