Today will be our Final Round of the Open Division. Every team will run their final steer at 11:30, after which we will determine the World Champions! The Finals will be run in order of lowest accumulated team earnings, to the highest accumulated team earnings.

If you have not already seen the Draw Sheet for today, please click here: Open Finals Draw Order. We will run the 5th and Final Round, and then we will do the Awards Ceremony immediately following the Round, in the arena by the bucking chutes. If you won a Round, or placed in the Top 5 of the Average, please hand your horse to someone when the Round is over, or tie them out of the way, and be lined up by the out gate to enter the arena for photos with your Awards.

After you receive your award we will direct you to the payout desk where you will receive your checks. If you placed 2nd-3rd in a round, you may go straight to the payout desk for your check after you run your last steer. The desk will be set up inside the building in the corner behind the bucking chutes and the steer drop-off area. If you need help finding the payout desk, please ask for assistance before the round starts. If you have NOT won a check after today’s round, and you are NOT winning a check in the Average, or you have already received your check and do not need to take photos (2nd & 3rd in the Rounds), PLEASE have your driver on the ramp at 12:10 and ready to pick you up. You must exit the building ASAP so that the #10.5 kids can start unloading and getting ready.


Please be ready to go up the ramp at 11:45. Please be courteous, as we are still going to be giving awards to the Open Contestants and trying to get all of them out of the arena until we are ready to start your first round at 12:30.

We know you all want to watch, but PLEASE remain outside the building until we call you inside. We will have a brief group meeting to discuss how things will run. Be on your horse, and with your partner AT ALL TIMES.

Your horses should be cinched, and you should be READY TO ROPE at 12.25 SHARP! Your name will be called, and you will be asked to line up single file in team order in the alley before you rope. After you rope, please stay at the BACK of the building near the stock pens until you are called again. After you rope your steer, your driver should be waiting for you on the ramp, and ready to load your horses to exit the ramp. The calf ropers need to get into the arena as soon as we are done, so no hanging out inside.

Be kind, be courteous, follow the rules, conduct yourselves as professionals in and out of the arena, and most of all, HAVE FUN! Good luck to all!